»Get Excited- Crookers«

"I never change, I simply become more myself."
Things that would be nice at 4 am


Long make out session
Back rubs
Deep talks
Forehead kisses
Hearing each other breathe
Holding hands
Laughs and corny jokes

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Idc I love my butt ;P
"You wrecked me and
I apologized."
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But I wrecked you too so were even.

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sawyer762 was like: You should feel awesome cause you're freaking gorgeous!!! I hear ya though. I hate my stomach lol for real though, girl like you shows up to my door, we're getting in my truck immediately so I can buy her dinner, and drinks, and whatever the hell else she desired.

<3 yr so sweet I need to step my game up when it comes to who I date!!! 

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Still can’t believe that I’m the one that gave myself a black eye…. Sheesh I’m so dumb……

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Anonymous was like: Lol yeah i agree with that guy, you're actually beautiful

Thank you I have like issues with myself but I feel better now thanks to my wonderful followers :D

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i love a cute butt :)